Apprenticeship as a specialist for restaurant and event catering (m|f|d) APPRENTICESHIP AS A HOTEL SPECIALIST (M|F|D) CLEANER/PUBLIC CLEANER (M|F|D)


starting August 2023

In of the VILA VITA family, our 250 employees can always take on new challenges, so it is guaranteed that there is never a dull moment. Their common goal: to make guests happy. We are looking for new colleagues for our various gastronomic outlets in and around Marburg. Colleagues who want to lend a hand. Whether you are looking for upscale, home-style or event cuisine, there is something for everyone. So you will certainly find your spot. We are looking forward to get to know you! 

Your Tasks

  • During the three-year apprenticeship, you will get to know all areas of the restaurant and event service.
  • We show you how to prepare tables, receive guests, advise and serve them, and all the things that need to be done, when the guests have left.
  • In hotel catering, you will take care of room service by taking orders, preparing the trolley, and bringing the food to the hotel room.
  • When an event is coming up, you help plan the event. This means drawing up schedules, and calculating the costs. At the event itself, you then ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Our Requirements

  • You have successfully completed school.
  • Learning by doing is in your blood. You are quick to grasp new things and can rapidly put them into practice yourself.
  • The hotel and catering industry means that you have to work at weekends. You should not mind.
  • You have a talent for organisation and are not afraid of numbers.
  • You really want to learn the profession and enjoy gastronomy.

We Offer

  • In order to give our best at work, we need recovery periods. That's why we allow ourselves 30 days days of holiday a year - and not a day less. So nothing stands in the way of your holiday plans!
  • New in Marburg and still no place to stay? We won't leave you out in the dry. For the transitional period, you have the possibility of getting hold of a staff flat. Let's talk about it and see what we can do.
  • We offer training and development so that everyone has the chance to grow.
  • Annual staff appraisals? Guaranteed!
  • Annual bonus? Guaranteed!
  • Capital-forming benefits and company pension scheme? Sure!
  • You want to stay with us after your training? We'd love to, let's just talk about it when the time comes.