starting August 2023

In of the VILA VITA family, our 250 employees can always take on new challenges, so it is guaranteed that there is never a dull moment. Their common goal: to make guests happy. We are looking for new colleagues for our various gastronomic outlets in and around Marburg. Colleagues who want to lend a hand. Whether you are looking for upscale, home-style or event cuisine, there is something for everyone. So you will certainly find your spot. We are looking forward to get to know you! 

Your Tasks

  • During the three-year apprenticeship, you will work in our kitchens in all positions: cold kitchen, side dish kitchen, meat/fish/sauces/stocks as well as the dessert and pastry kitchen.
  • You will look over the shoulders of our chefs, learn our recipes and help with the preparations.
  • Of course, we'll also show you how to use professional kitchen equipment.
  • In the vocational school, you'll also learn everything relevant to planning and calculating menu sequences, storage of goods and much more.

Our Requirements

  • You have successfully completed school.
  • Learning by doing is in your blood. You are quick to grasp new things and can rapidly put them into practice yourself.
  • You are skilled at crafts and bring along a lot of creativity.
  • The hotel and catering industry means that you have to work at weekends. You should not mind.
  • You really want to learn the profession and enjoy gastronomy.

We Offer

  • In order to give our best at work, we need recovery periods. That's why we allow ourselves 30 days days of holiday a year - and not a day less. So nothing stands in the way of your holiday plans!
  • New in Marburg and still no place to stay? We won't leave you out in the dry. For the transitional period, you have the possibility of getting hold of a staff flat. Let's talk about it and see what we can do.
  • We offer training and development so that everyone has the chance to grow.
  • Annual staff appraisals? Guaranteed!
  • Annual bonus? Guaranteed!
  • Capital-forming benefits and company pension scheme? Sure!
  • You want to stay with us after your training? We'd love to, let's just talk about it when the time comes.